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The day was March 25th, 2021, and I had been a part of the Cardano community for about one year now and I saw something going around on Twitter about something called “SpaceBudz”. So I thought to myself, “That sounds like fun. Let me look into it.” I followed the link to the site and bought my very first cNFT (Non-Fungible Token on Cardano). Once the transaction went through and the site verified this, an animation of a rocket was launched to reveal my first SpaceBud. So when the team from Ascension Sciences messaged me about partnering with them on what would become Project Cosmos on Cardano around 6 months later, it immediately brought me back to that moment of minting my first SpaceBud and seeing that rocket take off. I thought to myself, “This is a chance to actually send my SpaceBudz up to space, for real!”

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Project Cosmos on Cardano FAQ

What do I get for sponsoring a slot?
The Ascension Sciences team will take an cNFT of your choosing, print a NFC enabled card with artwork based on your cNFT and launch it into space. It will remain in space for 30 days before returning to Earth where the team will test it & then ship it to an address of your choice. We will also load Policy ID & Asset ID of your cNFT into the memory of the NFC card, so both a physical manifestation of your cNFT and a digital representation of your cNFT will travel to space.
How do I choose what cNFT I want to send to space?
We will mint Mission Access Tokens on Cardano (which themselves will be cNFTs). Sponsors are required to submit their Mission Access Tokens along with a google form that indicates the cNFT that you want to fly and where we can send the physical card when it comes back to Earth. Submissions are due by December 10th.
What is the science mission?
For Project Cosmos we are exploring the susceptibility of EEPROM memory to the harsh radiation environment of space. Understanding how these devices work could let us make them more resilient and broaden the application space for future scientists working in space.
Can I sponsor multiple slots?
We understand that Cardano NFT collectors participate in multiple projects and collect a variety of cNFTs. We’re letting community members purchase multiple slots, so they can send several cNFTs from the same project or from a variety of projects like Spacebudz, Claymates, Yummi Universe, AdaCards, Zombie Chains, etc.
What is an cNFT?
cNFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token on Cardano". A cNFT is made up of a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded on the Cardano blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership (as of a specific digital asset and specific rights relating to it). These native tokens can also store metadata that can be used to record other info like links back to images, descriptions and other basic information that might be helpful.
What is a physical asset cNFT?
A physical asset cNFT is a physical item that has been paired with a cNFT for any extra level of validation of authenticity.
Is this the team's first time putting hardware in space?
Our team is composed of aerospace engineers who have launched and operated dozens of satellites and satellite payloads in space. Additionally, the team has already delivered Flight 0 to the launch-pad codenamed Ascension. Ascension is flying 25 etched tin and titanium plates to the International Space Station to explore tin whisker growth in microgravity.
Why is Project Cosmos important?
We think that science should be an inclusive endeavor that everyone can participate in. By allowing the general population to contribute to a project, and receive a unique collectible for their support, we can start letting them guide the science narrative and actively participate in groundbreaking research.
How do I know my Project Cosmos on Cardano cNFT is genuine?
When inspecting your Project Cosmos on Cardano cNFT in your wallet or on sites like Cardanoscan and, you can verify that the Policy ID matches the following value 6c8bd350351985a4be9f3cd668c177fb3e104613947e281f8b7569e2. If the policy ID does not match this identifier, the token is counterfeit. All minted Project Cosmos on Cardano tokens, along with their transaction history, can be seen on Cardanoscan.